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Willow Creek, Ca


About Us


RitaWelcome to our site, I'm Rita and I'm a plant geek.

It all started when I was barely old enough to walk in my Uncle Joe's garden. Tomatoes, peppers and beans are the sexy veggies in the garden and Uncle Joe's were spectacular but they weren't what captured my imagination. It was the magic of pulling those feathery green tops and coming up with a bright orange carrot and eating right there on the spot that really got me excited. That is truly food for the soul, and I have been cultivating that sense ever since.We hope that our efforts inspire you to grow some of your own plants so that you too can experience the magic and wonder of the natural world.



Hi, I'm Laurie, I love plants too, but you can't really call me a plant geek....
I'm the laborer around here, Rita thinks it up and I get it done. Well, that's a bit simplistic. Actually Rita is usually chained to the greenhouse potting bench transplanting her heart out and I'm running up and down the land taking care of the field crop, the building projects on the farm, labeling all the beautiful plants Rita has grown, delivering the plants, produce, jams & jellies to the markets here and there, making the jam and then, of course, a little transplanting in my spare time!

We endeavor to work together to make our Nursery & Farm a sustainable way of life.  

What's my favorite thing I do? Sit on the deck in the cooling heat of a summer's night, have a cold drink and listen to the frogs; it's positively a din of croaking around here. I also love the 2 old apple trees that have been on this land around 80 - 100 years now. They are close to the deck and I spend time with them. When we bought this land in 2001, they had been neglected for many years and quite sickly. At the beehive...We pruned them, fertilized them and threw all our love at them. In the past 7 years they've regained their health, their once pitted and sick looking bark is becoming vibrant again, and the small mealy apples they were producing have become large and juicy again. Rita and I eat a few of the apples every year, but we leave the lions share for the deer, birds and squirrels that have enjoyed the fruit of these old trees long before we got here and probably long after we're gone.  We firmly and unceasingly believe there is enough for everyone on this land, and we don't mind the large animals that pass through this land, or the smaller one who live on this land to have their share of the garden. We find in our willingness to share what's here, no one, two legged or four legged, ever takes too much.

I hope you enjoy our website, like our Farm & Nursery it's always evolving and changing.
Please visit the Farm when you can and we're always delighted to see folks at the Farmers Market.

Laurie and Rita