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Announcing the first book in the Backyard Butchery series by Flying Blue Dog's acclaimed author Laurie Levey. Available NOW for Amazon Kindle.


Laurie Levey has been raising domestic meat rabbits for over 10 years and has held hands-on workshops on her homestead, teaching people how raise rabbets on natural foods, how to utilize their manure as part of her permaculture approach to farming and  how to butcher and part out the fresh rabbit meat.

Her books are a step by step pictorial process, giving the reader the same guidance that would be given in one of her hands-on workshops.

In this book you’ll learn Laurie’s approach for humanely dispatching a domestic meat rabbit, how to remove and utilize the hide and 100% of the guts, how to part out the rabbit for frying or baking, how to clean a freshly butchered rabbit if it’s been dropped in the dirt, how to wet and dry age the meat for a natural tenderizing, how to debone a whole rabbit for ease of canning and grinding and how to make ground pet food with whole rabbit meat/bones/offal.

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